Thursday, October 21, 2004

Chef Doug said that this was the most difficult chocolate box project that he's ever seen. I'm not sure what problems everyone was having, but we all had numerous problems. The box was a piece of cake for me, but the bow was a serious problem... as I mentioned in the text attached to the picture. Anyway it's done and tomorrow is a new day and a new project.

Work today was better... at least I didn't totally suck. I wasn't great, but I wasn't horrible either. I got almost all the production list done. I didn't get the chocolate cookies scooped and I messed up the cat's tongue cookies (overmixed... more below), but other than that, it was all pretty good. I'm having difficulty cutting apples so they are the same size. When I "sauteed" them I wound up with some apple sauce and some apples... a bit disconcerting. So the cookies I messed up. Cat's Tongue (Longue du Chat)... basically they look like little, less exaggerated, dumb bells. Long and skinny with little bulbs at the ends. (I'm doing a horrible job describing them.) Anyway, it's a weird recipe. Cream the butter and sugar. Beat in the egg whites. (what is this batter supposed to look like at this stage???) Fold in the flour. Mix in the salt, ginger, almond extract, ginger extract. OK. So those were the written instructions. WHAT A PAIN! After the flour is folded in the was just about no extra liquid to be able to mix in the salt and ginger and extracts. So, as expected, I wound up overmixing the dough. Great. Of course I didn't know I'd overmixed until after I'd baked off the first batch. Grrr. So I asked Candice if I couldn't just sift the ginger and salt in with the flour. She said, "Well that is where your culinary education should come in to play. You should be able to look at the ingredients and know how to mix something. So you should have mixed the dry ingredients in together from the beginning." Well, GEEEZZZZ. It was HER RECIPE! What's the point of even having written instructions if I'm supposed to figure out the mix methods by myself?!?!?! Anyway, next time I'll mix the dry ingredients together and I'm going to throw the extracts in after the egg whites. I can't think of any reason why they shouldn't turn out with my modifications, but I mean REALLY what about the next person who's going to have to make this recipe? What are they supposed to do? It just seems silly to me. Oh well.

Anyway, I've got another slightly annoying bit of news. So I'm only going to work Thursday, Friday and Saturday until the cafe opens. It looks like the cafe will be opening in two weeks, but she sounded pretty non-committal. Fine. I can get temp work (crappy boring office stuff) on Mon-Wed, but how long is this going to go on? What if I'm not going to be able to get full time? I mean I'd be able to make ends meet much more easily by doing the temp work/ cook work combo, but it's not what I want to do. We'll see. Anyway I need to figure out if I'm going to be a real full time or not soon or I'm going to have to look for another job. Grrrr.

On the upside, I got my first paycheck today. My first real paycheck for making people food. Very exciting... even if it was only $129. My first thought was, YEA!!! My next thought was, GOD GRIEF... how am I EVER going to make rent on this measly amount???

Well, it'll work out I'm sure (like there is an option for it NOT to). Good night for now. Talk to you later!


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