Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Well, wouldn't you know it. I get one area of my life all sorted out (work and sleep) and another area spontaneously combusts. As most of you know I was in a car accident a little over a week ago. I'm ok, but the car was totaled (at least the damage has been deemed more than the car is worth.). What a PITA! Oh well, it's just a car. I'm ok (as I said before) but my schedule has been a little crazy with all the paperwork and appointments that have been added to my schedule. Thank goodness I have reduced hours now. I can't imagine what a wreck I would have been if I'd been working all those hours.

Back to school.
Breads class has, well, it's progressed. When I talk to people about it I can only say that I liked Cakes class better. When asked why I try to express my feelings a bit more rationally. I think it's mostly because of the lack of room for creativity. Basically we're working with 4 ingredients (flour, yeast, water, and salt) and then manipulating those using different types of yeast, different lengths of fermentation, different formations and different flours. It really is quite interesting, but I have to say that I wish we had more food science. (When have I said that before? I'm really starting to wish we had a whole section, 6 weeks, of food science. Maybe keep the food science section in Chef Amy's class, but then have another chunk after Cost Control/Nutrition/HRM.) My group is still working very well together, but I'm definitely getting ready for something new. Not that I'm really looking forward to Cost Control, or not cooking for three weeks, but I think I'll be ready for a change in a week.

Can you believe I'm 1/2 way through the program? Last week was week 16. Hard to believe, but it's true. I'm also getting more and more practice outside of class. This past weekend I filled an order for "Something sweet for the 4th of July". The original suggested direction was a strawberry and blueberry tart, which is lovely, but as soon as you cut into it, it gets all mooshy and doesn't look nearly as attractive. So I suggested some festively dressed up cream puffs. They turned out lovely! I cut the tops off and caramelized them. Filled the puffs with pastry cream that had been lightened with some whipped cream and then placed three blueberries, two strawberry slices and the caramelized top into the pastry cream. Lovely. Light. Sweet. Fit the red, white and blue theme. As it turns out, also very kid friendly! On Kimberly prompting, I've ordered business cards. I should be picking them up today or tomorrow. They aren't anything fancy and I only ordered 250, but at least I'll have something with my name and number on them.

Well, starting today, I'm hoping to return to posting daily. My apologies for the rather long sabbatical, but there just isn't quite as much to talk about in breads as there was in cakes. (OK, so there is just as much, but I've gotten a bit lazy... that and I actually have to WORK! during my 5 hours at work. :))

Talk to you all later!

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